Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Pathway Update

For parents/carers who are awaiting a speech, language and communication assessment for their child/young person as part of the ASD Pathway, you may find the following information useful:

We understand that the team at Woodview CDC may have recently recommended you contact us to find out when our speech, language and communication assessment will be carried out (as a diagnosis cannot be made without it).

Please be assured, whether your child’s referral was submitted in June 2022 or March 2023 for example, the below still currently applies.

Although we are incredibly busy, we are making progress in reducing the number of children and young people who are waiting for a speech, language and/or communication assessment – including those waiting for a report from us to be submitted as part of their Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Pathway.

You will hopefully understand that we’ve been asked to assess these children in the order they were referred in (and accepted) on the ASD pathway.

The commissioners and the MDT team at Woodview believe – and we’d agree – that this seems like the fairest way to work through the waiting list.

As at 02 July 2024, please be advised, we are currently booking appointments for children referred into (and therefore accepted on) the ASD Pathway in July, August and early September of 2022. 

The date of referral we're using has been shared with us by the team at Woodview; it has not been impacted by the change of speech, language and communication service provider. 

How you can help us

If you have moved home or changed your telephone number or email address since the referral form was first sent into Woodview, please get in touch as this is the information we'll be using to make contact with you initially. There are a handful of children/young people whose referral was submitted in June 2022 whom we have not been able to make contact with. If you believe you may be the parent of one of these children, please contact us on 01928 263253 or via email on 

To ensure we have all the information we require to book the ASD assessment when the time comes, it would be really helpful if you could complete a Request for Service Form here.

If you (or another professional perhaps) have already done this, please be assured next steps sit with Communicate SLT and we’ll be in touch with you in due course.

The Request for Service Form will allow us to do two things (if appropriate).

One) To understand when and where we should carry out the ASD assessment.

A reminder that it could be a while before we’re in touch to book an appointment for ASD assessment – when we do, we will usually call you and send an email if we cannot reach you by telephone.

Two) If your child has wider speech, language and/or communication (SLC) needs which Communicate SLT could support you with in the meantime, the form will allow a member of our clinical team to prepare to call you to dig a little deeper into the information you have supplied.

Once we understand your child’s communication strengths and challenges better, we should be able to agree which of our team is best placed to offer the support you/your child needs and when/how/where it can begin.

How you may be able to help your family in the meantime

You would have been sent a letter from Woodview when your child was accepted on pathway. Within this letter, they recommend you contact some specialists who gather regularly at local Family Hubs – you might benefit from checking back in with these professionals to see if there is any more support you can access while you are waiting. To make enquiries about these sessions, please contact the team at Woodview directly on 0151 495 5400.

We’d also recommend reviewing these links and Supporting Families in Halton - ADDvanced Solutions  (Email: Phone: 0151 486 1788) for additional ASD support in the meanwhile.

Although this doesn’t change the fact there is still a wait for an appointment, we hope you feel better informed about the current situation and next steps for you and us.

If you would like a conversation about any aspect of this update/next steps, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch with us.