Hanen Programmes for Parents


Hanen Programmes for Parents



Communicate SLT have been asked by Blackpool Council and Better Start to support children aged 2-4 years across Blackpool to develop their talking.

Enabling children to develop their communication skills at this early age is crucial to ensure that they will be able to make friends, learn and thrive throughout their lives.

“It’s really important that children learn to talk and listen so they can communicate with people around them, learn, make friends and have fun.” Small Talk, The Communication Trust, 2011

“What a child experiences during the early years (starting in the womb) lays down a foundation for the whole of their life” Centre for Excellence and Outcomes, 2010

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Hanen It Takes Two to Talk


Hanen It Takes Two to Talk Programme is delivered by a trained speech and language therapist and is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age). The programme looks at how your child is communicating and what they are interested in in order to increase their talking. It includes top tips that can help everyday activities routines become fun language learning times.

The programme consists of 6 small group sessions/workshops and 3 individual home visits.

The group sessions will be held across Blackpool and you will be invited to the one that suits you best.

The workshops are run throughout the year at different times, locations and days.

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Hanen Target Word


Hanen Target Word Programme is delivered by a trained speech and language therapist and is designed for parents of children between the ages of 24-30 months who have the ideas to share but struggle to do this using words.

There are 5 small group sessions/workshops for parents to focus on practical strategies that help children to learn new words in everyday situations.

There are also 3 individual home visits.

The programmme runs throughout the year. To find out more about this programme

please contact:

Sarah Kettlewell  (Speech and Language Therapist)

Tel: 01253 462123

or Email: enquire@communicate-slt.org.uk