Early Years / Pre-school services

Early Years / Pre-school services

We provide services for pre-school children directly and through working in partnership with families, practitioners and Early Years settings.

“Early language skills underpin subsequent reading and writing skills; therefore, children’s early language development has a significant impact on future school performance. Without language and communication skills, children are unlikely to reach their full potential.” (James Law et al., 2013)

Working with children

We provide…

  • Screening
  • Assessments and recommendations
  • 1:1 and small group intervention
  • Programmes and target setting
  • Working with practitioners to develop, deliver and monitor groups to support speaking, language and communication.

Working with families

We provide…
  • Appropriate and timely information delivered in the most accessible way.
  • Communication groups for families and children
  • Practical workshops for parents and carers from Hanen, ICAN or designed locally around the needs of children and their families

Working with practitioners

We provide…
  • In-setting support to embed good practice in the childcare setting
  • Training, for example, Hanen, Elklan, ICAN Talk Boost and bespoke programmes
  • Support for practitioners in early identification and referral pathways
  • Whole setting ICAN Early Talk accreditation.

 Measuring impact and outcomes

  • We have robust systems for demonstrating positive outcomes for children, families and practitioners.

 What service users say…

For more information about the team and the speech and language services we offer to children, families, practitioners and settings in the early years please contact:

Caroline Coyne, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist