Learning Language and Loving It – The Hanen Program ® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers

A warm welcome to all nurseries interested in taking part in the funded Learning Language and Loving It – The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators.

State-maintained and private, voluntary, and independent nurseries in 3 regional school commissioning areas (‘The North’; ‘East Midlands and the Humber’ and ‘West Midlands’) are invited to take part in their funded professional development programme.

Register your interest and book a place on an information event:

This project is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Department for Education (DfE) and will evaluate the impact of the training on children’s language outcomes as well as nursery staff’s experiences of the programme. To do this, the research involves randomly allocating half of participating nurseries to receive the training and the other half to a comparison group, who instead are provided with a £1000 thank you payment on completion of the research activities.

More information about the Foundation and this project can be found here:

The training will start from October 2022 running until July 2023 and will be delivered by Hanen-licenced Speech and Language Therapists and Early Years teachers working on behalf of Communicate SLT CIC.

Participants will access 9 group workshops (each 2.5 hours) interspersed with 8 individual coaching sessions where participants use videos of their interactions with children to reflect on their practice. Following feedback from the EEF’s first trial of LLLI, 6 of the 9 group workshops will be provided through live online webinars and 6 of the 8 video review sessions will take place via video call.

The schedule of online and face-to-face sessions is being piloted first, ahead of the trial.

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Nurseries who receive the training will benefit from:

  • Funded CPD opportunity for 2/3rds of staff who work with children in your nursery.
  • 1:1 personalised coaching from speech and language therapists or early years experts
  • High quality and internationally researched training that provides guidance for Early Years practitioners in promoting social, language and literacy learning in Early Years settings.
  • An approach which enhances the everyday language learning environment for every child in the setting, including children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs, those with or at risk of delay, second-language learners and typically developing children.
  • An opportunity to inform practice in a national evaluation of what works in early years.
  • Reimbursements for 50% of cover costs for workshop attendance.

More about Cover costs:

  • Nursery bursars will be asked to provide the hourly rate for covering school staff whilst they attend the training workshops and take part in the video review visits. Cover costs will be automatically calculated based on attendance. Payments for 50% of these costs will then be made in January 2023, April 2023 and July 2023.

For more information about cover costs or the whole project, please contact Helen Laycock, Project Manager:

Email: llli@communicate-slt.org.uk

Telephone: 01253 462123

Mobile: 07305 099840

All nurseries taking part must:

  • Have onsite access to a computer with an internet connection and a device, such as a tablet. This technology is required to record videos of staff-pupil interactions and upload onto a secure online access point for the video review sessions. If an early years setting does not have access to a tablet the EEF will fund the costs of a device.
  • Ideally have 17 or more pre-school children (those turning 4 between Sept 2022 – Aug 2022) on roll this Autumn. Settings with 12 or more children may still be able to take part. For profit nurseries are also required to have children eligible for EY pupil premium on roll.
  • A computer or laptop with webcam and microphone, as well as email access to take part in the online live workshops.
  • Be located in one of three DfE regional school commissioner regions: ‘The North’, ‘East Midlands and the Humber’ or ‘West Midlands.’
  • Agree not to take part in any other EEF research trial in 2022/23 such as PALs, English Mastery or 5Rs.
  • Nominate a senior member of staff (such as the nursery teacher or room lead) to take part in the training who can support other colleagues with the programme.
  • Complete and return a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by 30th June 2022.

N.B. Nurseries who sign-up to take part will be randomly allocated to either a treatment or control group. The treatment group will receive the training. The control group will not, however, all nurseries will be required to take part activities set out in the evaluation information leaflet. As a thank you, nurseries in the control group will receive £1,000 in July 2023 on completion of the research activities.

All nurseries who want to take part in the training need to send a member of staff to an information event then complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and return it to llli@communicate-slt.org.uk by close of business on 30th June 2022.

To book an information event click here

To download an MoU click here


Nurseries taking part in the training should share information with the parents. The letter to parents explains more about the training and allows parents the opportunity to withdraw their child from being visible in the videos.


Nursery staff will receive a Participant Agreement, giving information about what is expected of them as they participate in the training.

Privacy Notice

To view our privacy statement for participants in the trial Click here.


Nurseries can find out more about the evaluation of the training by reading The National Centre for Social Research’s Trial Information sheet and Privacy Notice. The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) is an independent social research organisation who have been commissioned to evaluate this programme. To find out more, visit the website below.

In order to protect training attendees, programme leaders, children and society as a whole we will ensure that our training is as safe as possible.

In-person workshops and video review sessions will be delivered following all national and local public health guidance around Coronavirus safety. This may include testing before attendance, social distancing, reduced sharing of resources and the use of PPE as appropriate.

The Teams Involved

Communicate SLT CIC are the deliverers of the training for the pilot and trial. We are a Community Interest Company providing high quality Speech, Language and Communication services and training to enable effective communication for all.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments about this project.