We are delighted to be supporting the sale of Snap Sacks which have great potential for supporting everyday communication.

The bags can be personalised with photos, words or symbols and are a practical and fun communication tool.

Here are just a few of the ways Snap Sacks can be used:

  • Conversation starter – add photos or drawings of things you like to talk about!
  • Communication aid – if getting your message understood is tricky, you could add pictures or symbols of important information. (We put personal information on the reverse of the picture holder)
  • Memory aid – add pictures of the daily routine, or word and picture prompts.
  • Story telling – have prompts for your narrative – who, what, where, when and how.
  • Choice bag – add pictures or objects to support children or adults to make choices or give an opinion.
  • Therapy bag – add cards, games or activities to practise and play!
  • Personalised gift for family, friends or teachers..

To Buy

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Snap Sack Handbag

  • Smaller bag with 4 picture wallets

Small and Large

  • One small and one large bag.

Here is a spontaneous video of camera shy Joanne spontaneously talking about how Snap Sacks can be used for people living with Dementia…