Training, Learning and Development

We deliver a range of bespoke workshops, internationally developed training packages and in-setting development opportunities to enable others to enable effective communication for all.

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On-Site Support


Through on-site support, members of the workforce develop environments, interactions and activities to support Speech, Language and Communication skills for life. Learning and practice changes occur through:

  • Discussions
  • Explanations
  • Modelling
  • Reviewing videos
  • Reflective learning.

What service users say…

For more information about the team and the speech and language services we provide please contact: Joanne Burr, Director and Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Bespoke workshops


Our range of bespoke workshops can include:

  • Supporting Speech, Language and Communication everyday
  • Speech development
  • Creating a Communication Friendly Environments
  • Supporting children and families with English as an Additional Language
  • An introduction to Sensory needs
  • An introduction to using Visuals to support communication
  • Supporting Vocabulary development




Highly acclaimed nationally accredited training courses:

  • Let’s Talk for practitioners working with children under 5 years old or those who work with children aged 5-9 years
  • Speech and Language Support for those working with 0-3 year old children; Under 5s; 5-11s; or young people aged 11-16 years
  • Communication Friendly Schools accreditation mentoring

For more details visit our: Elklan Training Page More information about Elklan can be found at: Elklan – the speech and language trainers



Hanen uses practical activities and video reviews to convert theoretical learning into changes in practice.

  • Teacher Talk – strategies that support an inclusive language learning environment in 3 separate modules

    A. Encouraging Language Development

    B. Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy

    C. Fostering Peer Interaction

  • Learning Language and Loving It

More information can be found at: The Hanen Centre



Member of the Communicate team are licensed to deliver several ICAN training and mentoring programmes:

  • Early Language Development Programme
  • Early Talk Accreditation
  • Primary Talk
  • Talk Boost
  • Early Talk Boost

For more information about: ICAN Early Talk Boost For more information about school age: Talk Boost More information about ICAN can be found at: I CAN


We can provide introductory Signalong workshops or the Signalong Foundation course

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