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Activities for Families

Hanen Programmes for parents

During Hanen It Takes Two To Talk and Target Word, parents learn to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to improve their child’s communication skills.

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Baby Sign Family Group

A fun family group encouraging babies to communicate. Information about supporting communication development and signs which help children understand and learn words.

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Talk Together

A fun family group encouraging young children to communicate. Providing information about communication development and how to encourage this.

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Learning and Development workshops, training programmes and accreditations

Communication Champions Workshops

A workshop focussing on key Speech, Language and Communication topics, e.g. supporting speech clarity, selective mutism, promoting vocabulary development etc. Click book to see the next workshop topics

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Elklan courses for workforce

Accredited training for practitioners to support children aged 0-3s, 3-5s, 5-11, 11-16s and those seeking to create Communication Friendly Settings. Also NELI and EYPDP training details

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ICAN training courses

Our ICAN Licenced tutors deliver a range of ICAN training and accreditation programmes including Early Talk, Early Talk Boost, Talk Boost and more.

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Hanen Programmes for workforce

Our Hanen licensed tutors deliver a range of Hanen  courses including the Teacher Talk series and Learning Language and Loving It

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Supporting Speech, Language and Communication

A universal introduction to SLC development, including its prevalence, impact, how to support and when and how to refer.

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Speech, Language and Communication services

Early Years Support

Support in nurseries to enhance the communication environment and implement interventions

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Sensory Needs Assessment

Assessment, report and recommendations in regards to the sensory needs of children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

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Speech, Language and Communication Services

Bespoke services meeting Speech, Language and Communication Needs

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