Current Vacancies

Here’s what our employees say about us:

Leadership: “Consistently approachable, supportive and are always doing the best for everybody and service users”; “A pleasure to work for”; “I feel that the management and the Communicate Team are very supportive, organised and forward thinking”
The Team: “I feel proud to be a part of this team”; “Regular contact with other SLTs for guidance/supervision (often weekly or off the cuff)”; “Robust procedures in place, and flexible work schedule”
Development Opportunities: “Good opportunity for training e.g. ELKLAN, Hanen, ICAN or PECs etc.”
Workload: “Manageable caseload with opportunity to provide high quality therapy”; “Feels good to deliver intervention and review regularly to see high impact”; “Supporting children from start to finish so they are making a difference”; “I like influencing service delivery”