Halton Community – Creating a Safe Space in an Early Years Environment for those with Selective Mutism and Reluctant Speakers

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June 20, 2024

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What will this training session cover? 

Selective Mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder which prevents those affected from speaking in certain situations, such as at school or in public. Sometimes called Situational Mutism, SM usually commences in early childhood. Those with SM speak fluently in some situations but remain consistently silent in others. They may have a blank expression, or appear ‘frozen’ when expected to speak. A reluctant speaker may be a child who is anxious about speaking at pre-school or school specifically. A child who is reluctant to speak is at risk of developing SM if they do
not receive early intervention. 
With early intervention the prognosis for recovery is good, but in some cases it may persist and last right through a child’s school life and sometimes even into adulthood. It is important to understand that those with SM want to speak, but find themselves physically unable to do so due to their anxiety.

This training session will provide participants with information to help them to create a ‘safe space’ both for those with diagnosed SM and for reluctant speakers. 

Who is this training session for? 

This session is suitable for all members of the children’s workforce in the borough of Halton, who support children in early years environments including Nursery Practitioners, Childminders, Early Help Officers, members of the Health Visiting Team and such like.

How is this session being delivered? 

This 1 hour virtual training package is being delivered by one of Communicate SLT’s Specialist Speech and Language Therapists over Zoom. You will receive a calendar invite from Communicate SLT with joining instructions in due course. If you are able to join the Zoom call with video and audio available, we’d appreciate it. 

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  • June 20, 2024 6:30pm   -   7:30pm
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