Halton Community – English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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July 11, 2024

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Council Chamber, Town Hall, Heath Road

What will this training session cover? 

EAL stands for English as an Additional Language. It’s one of several acronyms used to describe the teaching of English where it is not a person’s first language. This is the acronym most commonly used in UK primary schools, but some may use a different version such as ESL (English as a Second Language). The meaning of EAL is pretty simple; it refers to teaching English to students who are native speakers of another language. Since students may be fluent in several other languages, we use the term ‘additional’ instead of ‘second’. EAL learners may have varying levels of English knowledge, with some children learning from scratch and others having some pre-existing knowledge. Perhaps these learners speak another language at home, as well as some English.

If children are learning English from scratch for the first time, it can be common for them to go through a non-verbal or silent period. This is a perfectly normal response to the change and upheaval associated with learning to communicate in a new language. In the case of International New Arrivals, children will also be adapting as they transition to life in a new country, which can be an additional source of stress or anxiety that may contribute to a silent period.

All children are different, so it’s important to assess things on a case by case basis. Some children may understand more than they can say. Others may benefit from using visual communication cards and resources. However, they like to communicate, it’s important to remember that a non-verbal period is no cause for concern, and it’s still possible for children to learn lots during that time.

This training session will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss support for children and families for whom English may not be their first language. There will be a presentation of information and strategies, along with the chance to share and reflect upon current individual practices.

Who is this training session for? 

This session is suitable for all members of the children’s workforce in the borough of Halton, who support children in early years environments including Nursery Practitioners, Childminders, Early Help Officers, members of the Health Visiting Team and such like.

How is this session being delivered? 

This 1 hour virtual training package is being delivered by one of Communicate SLT’s Specialist Speech and Language Therapists over Zoom. You will receive a calendar invite from Communicate SLT with joining instructions in due course. If you are able to join the Zoom call with video and audio available, we’d appreciate it.

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  • July 11, 2024 6:30pm   -   7:30pm
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